Community Connections

There are many local environmental organizations you may want to contact for potential involvement in your TIC program. Below, you will find links to contact information for many of these organizations. While these are not the only organizations that may be of interest to you, their work is highly related to the TIC program and they are all important groups within their communities. Many of these groups may be interested in helping to provide activities for release days as well.

Program Partner

  • an organization or individual that actively engages TIC students in various presentations, lessons, and activities relating to the TIC program.

Program Sponsor

  • an organization or individual that provides funding to support the TIC program in a classroom, but does not engage TIC students in other ways.

Here are examples of organizations you may be interested in contacting:

Other local organizations, such as water authorities, county planning commissions, landfills, etc. often have education programs that relate to the TIC program and may also be of interest to contact.

Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission